2023 Ohio ScriptureFest

The Gospel of Matthew — "That it Might be Fulfilled"

Why Recitations? Why Workshops? Why Game Shows? Why? Why?! WHY?!?

A festival of Scripture will naturally have more than just Bible recitations or workshops. You can expect to possibly see and experience Bible-based gameshows, hymn sings, Q&A’s, sermons, games, crafts, and other Scripture-related activities. You may not be as edified by recitations, but you’ll be entranced by a Bible gameshow. OR you may better absorb God’s Word through hands-on activities like crafts or games. OR your cup of tea may be listening to workshops and sermons. OR maybe going on the streets and spreading the GOOD NEWS of God’s Word really helps the Holy Scriptures sink deeply into your soul.

Whatever your mode of ingesting and digesting God’s Word, ScriptureFest is sure to hit home with you and your family in just the right way that impacts you the most!

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