2023 Ohio ScriptureFest

The Gospel of Matthew — "That it Might be Fulfilled"

2023 Lodging Assistance (Coming Soon)

In years past, we have strived to provide free lodging to most, if not all, families in attendance at our annual event. As we have grown exponentially and as our event venue has gotten further away geographically from those willing & able to be host homes, we have had to make any complimentary lodging a first-come, first-served opportunity, instead of a guarantee, and even these opportunities have the additional caveat of not necessarily being close to the event location itself.

With all that in mind, we recommend that folks make plans that best suit their family’s needs during the 3 days of the event. If you have small children who need to rest during parts of the event, you may opt to reserve room(s) at a hotel or other form of lodging nearby the event venue. If you don’t mind traveling each morning & evening, to and from the event venue, without opportunities to go back to your lodging spot to pick up forgotten items, have children rest, or even just to change clothes, then consider staying at willing host homes that would graciously accommodate you for mostly sleeping & breakfast needs. Complimentary lodging is limited.

This year, we may NOT have any one particular hotel with whom we can contract for a large bloc of rooms; so be prepared to secure the best rates and rooms for your family’s needs on your own. There is plenty of fellowship to be had during the 3 nights & 3 days together. We expect attendees to go for the place, rate, and accommodations that best suite their budget, family, and needs best!

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