2023 Ohio ScriptureFest

The Gospel of Matthew — "That it Might be Fulfilled"

2023 Meal Information

The 2023 Ohio ScriptureFest plans to provide COMPLIMENTARY DINNER for all attendees on Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights during the event. We also plan to have some NON-gluten food alternatives for guests requiring such restrictions AND we will continue to strive to provide food FREE of peanut-related ingredients or prep exposure.

Lunch is on your own. We ask all guests to be cognizant and considerate of some severe peanut allergies some attendees have when they are preparing their lunches and bringing them onsite. Depending on lodging arrangements, families have many restaurant options for breakfast & lunch located near the event site. Our event venue this year should have a fellowship hall/cafeteria available for families to bring in their food and drink for lunch, so as to not miss out on the grand fellowship opportunities. Families, as always, are more than welcome to have food delivered or leave during planned activities in order to bring their food onsite during meal times.

NO FOOD OR DRINK IS ALLOWED ANYWHERE AT THE EVENT VENUE, EXCEPT IN DESIGNATED MEAL AREAS OR OUTSIDE. Folks are permitted to bring lawn chairs and their own accoutrements to better accommodate their personal meal demands and needs. RV’s and Campers are welcome onsite as the parking lots allow; however, overnight parking is at one’s own risk. Nearby parking options in a more secure setting are available for overnight parking. Please inquire further with OHSF organizers. 

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