2023 Ohio ScriptureFest

The Gospel of Matthew — "That it Might be Fulfilled"

2023 Attendance & Passage(s) Registration (NOW OPEN)

2023 Passage & Attendance Registration OPENED on Tuesday, February 28, 2023 at 11:17am EST

  • BEFORE REGISTERING for any recitation, prospective registrants MUST be sure to view the available passages to make sure to know what will be available.
  • ALL REGISTRANTS MUST download Scripture Memory Fellowship’s VERSELOCKER APP in order to reserve/register their select passage(s), which can be found & downloaded here: https://scripturememory.com/verselocker/mobile/app
  • ALL Newbies (1st time participant OR 2nd year attendee/participant) ONLY may scoop up ANY (up to 2 MAX) passages that are 5-6 verses in length, though you can go for larger ones, too, if you’d like.
  • ALL children 6 years old and younger ONLY may reserve ANY (up to 2 MAX) passages that are 4 verses or less in length.
  • EVERYONE else may reserve ANY (up to 2 MAX per family unit) passages that are 7 verses or more in length.

There are two separate Registration Links but you MUST complete BOTH to be FULLY registered:

<< REGISTER AT THIS ONE FIRST >>      PASSAGE REGISTRATION —  Go to: https://scripturememory.com/verselocker/events/info?id=30

<< REGISTER AT THIS ONE SECOND >> ATTENDANCE REGISTRATION —  Go to: https://form.jotform.com/230547211574149

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